Lightroom Presets

Time saving with Lightroom Presets
Want to get  that Kodak Tri X 1600 ASA* grainy look in a moment? Rather than doing all the hardwork yourself, the chances are somebody has already done it and saved it as a Lightroom Preset. You’ll find stacks of them from cross-processing to weird skin tones here:
What’s more in the best tradition of the internet, they’re free, although if you want less hassle you can buy them.
Having loaded them into Lightroom you can of course see how the author did it so you can tweak the sliders yourself to customise your image.
Loading into Lightroom is easy: in Lightroom  go to Develop,  then on the top left colum you will see User Presets – right click on it and you will see import – click on that and click on the preset you have already downloaded from preset heaven. Remember that you may have to unzip them first.  Any problems and you can see how to do it here in a video.
Lightroom 3 has film grain in its own presets but you can find film grain on another  site here: lightroom killertips
*(ASA is what we old timers used to call ISO)
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