Snow in Orvieto

Orview snowy sunsetItaly is undergoing the coldest, snowiest winter since 1985. I have been out and about in and around Orvieto doing landscapes and snapping my eight year old daughter playing in the snow with her pals. While I was photographing the sunset from the roof of the Land Rover she was out  playing with her friend Edoardo on the sledge.

Allegra sledging
Allegra sledging

Later, when I was in the piazza in front of Orvieto’s cathedral my friend Riccardo and keen amateur photographer passed by and took this snap of me on top of the Land Rover while I was taking a picture of the duomo. I don’t think I could ever go back to a car that I couldn’t clamber up onto the roof. I have a rubber mat glued on the roof as once upon a time I slipped off and into the snow, hurting myself , but worse still the fall damaged the Noblex Pan camera I was using. (bottom picture)

Orvieto Piazza Duomo
Orvieto Snowy Piazza Duomo
brass monkey
brass monkies

The first time I was in this square was in a cold dusk in March 1985 and a very fine snow was falling, it was quite  magical. I had just gone to live in Bologna then and I never could have imagined for a moment that I’d end up living here.

I have now photographed Orvieto from the same spot in all kinds of weather ….except one, I still have to catch a rainbow arching over the city.

Marian Tree
Marian Tree

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