A Tale of Three Cities

Part 1
Freud and a Tale of Three Cities: Vienna, London and……. Orvieto. The Vienna home in Berggasse 19 is easy to spot (he lived and worked in a modest, of the dark flat on the mezzanine floor by to the Freud sign); London, 20 Maresfield Gardens, Hampstead is by comparison quite understated, just the Blue Plaque; Orvieto has nothing at all.


the right kit for the job

or, you don’t have to spend a fortune to produce a work of art. What is remarkable about this photo? Is it the composition? Is it the quality of the print? Is it the extraordinary subject matter? The excellence of the digital manipulation? – apparently a factory was removed, as was a man with his…

Why Photography is Good for your Health……

………and lengthens your life. Photography, as a cultural activity, could be one of the causes of cheating your genes  for the better and leading a healthier and longer life than your genes have programmed you for. Ever heard of Lars Olov Bygren? Probably not and what’s more he’s got absolutely nothing to do with photography….

Painting and Photography

What is the difference between an illustration and a photograph? Not so well defined as it was before the digital age. I am reminded of high-school biology lesson when the question was ‘What’s the difference between an animal and a vegetable?’ Nothing like as obvious as it sounds. Nowadays Photoshop has blurred the distictions between…